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Sprinkle Some Protein with Hemp Seeds

When you think of hemp, is the first thing you think about marijuana? Even though they’re closely related, hemp seeds are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. Link: https://quench.me/food/sprinkle-some-protein-hemp-seeds/

5 Fermented Foods You Can Make at Home

Fermented foods are filled with healthy probiotic bacteria that can boost your immune system and improve your overall health. Check out this article I wrote for Quench Magazine to find out how you can make these foods at home. Link: https://quench.me/food/5-fermented-foods-home-made/

Dark Chocolate is Healthier Than You Think

Do you still think chocolate is a junk food? When it comes to sugary, sweet milk chocolate, you’re right. However, dark chocolate is one of the healthiest foods you can include in your diet. Link: https://quench.me/food/dark-chocolate-healthier-than-you-think/